Direct experience of the natural environment is fairly rare for people who live in urban settings. Most of the work you see here is a response to the idea of landscape as it is defined by our culture through film, electronic media, advertising, painting and literature. Our access to landscape is frequently defined by the Garden, which is a constructed environment meant to substitute for a natural environment. We receive our ideas about the garden - and landscape - through different sources and different stylistic tools. These elements act as intermediaries to create the varied visual and linguistic palette that is used here. But ultimately, this work is a personal response to my own romantic attraction to nature, landscape and the garden.


These earlier works conbine drawn, painted and printed materials to construct a narrative within the frame. The different bits create an odd energy when they are placed together. An element of the absurd contributes to a story that can be funny or serious - or a little of both. Their tiny scale (4 inches high x 3 inches wide) creates an intimate almost private exchange with the viewer.

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